[Can I drink mung bean soup for constipation]_Mung bean soup_Stool dry_Can you drink

[Can I drink mung bean soup for constipation]_Mung bean soup_Stool dry_Can you drink

Constipation is a very common condition, which has a lot to do with diet. You can also adjust your diet through constipation.

Can constipation drink mung bean soup? Many people want to know.

Mung bean soup is not without foundation to relieve constipation.

For constipation caused by fire, mung bean soup is very effective.


Constipation can drink mung bean soup, mung beans are heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs, which have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects and promote phagocytosis.

Its grains and decoction contain alkaloids, coumarins, phytosterols and other physiologically active substances, which have an important role in promoting physiological metabolism of humans and animals.

Mung beans are also coarse grains and have a lot of fiber, which is great for defecation.


Patients with constipation can appropriately eat some heat-clearing and detoxifying foods. These things are helpful for serial peristalsis and interconnected digestion. Therefore, for patients with constipation, it should be helpfulDefecation food.


Constipation is a difficult condition and there are many cases.

Qi and blood are not running smoothly: the bowel movements are slow or disappear, and the dirt in the body cannot be ruled out.

Keep your tummy warm. You can feel cold or warm by touching it with your hands, but you can feel it if your hands are warm.

Many problems are not solved by drinking mung bean soup alone, unless it is really caused by constipation.


Mung beans can clear heat and reduce fire, and have anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects. Mung beans boiled into soup will produce alkaloids and other substances, which can promote human metabolism and help eliminate metabolic waste. Mung beans are rich in fiber and can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help digestion.

However, not all constipation can be solved by mung beans. Mung beans can only relieve the symptoms, but they have little effect on some severe constipation symptoms. Generally, the effect of constipation caused by fire will be better.