[What is a soda cracker]_ practices _ how to do

[What is a soda cracker]_ practices _ how to do

As a kind of snack, biscuits are a favorite food for many children.

After all, when hungry, cookies can provide some transformation and satiety for the child’s body.

There are many types of biscuits sold in supermarkets, the most common being soda biscuits.

So, what are soda crackers?

In fact, soda crackers are biscuits made with soda powder among the raw materials.

Soda crackers are foods made from wheat flour, soda flour, paste and other materials.

Excessive consumption can easily lead to elevated blood pressure, edema, and obesity.

The preparation method is to add yeast to a part of wheat flour, then adjust it into dough, ferment the remaining wheat flour after recombination time fermentation, and then shape it after short-term fermentation.

This type of cookie is usually a sweet cookie.

Contains sodium bicarbonate.

Physiological effects Elevated hypertension Eating soda crackers increases sodium intake, which can increase hypertension and increase edema.

The relationship between common salt (sodium chloride) and hypertension, renal edema, hepatic edema, and heart failure is becoming clearer. For these diseases, the absorption of common salt or sodium should be limited. Low salt (sodium intake should not exceed 2000 mg per day)), No salt (not more than 1000 mg of sodium daily) or low sodium (not more than 500 mg of sodium daily) diet.

Because soda crackers contain high sodium, patients with hypertension, heart failure and edema suffer from soda crackers.

Easy to gain weight Eating soda crackers increases the number of unfortunate attacks, makes you more likely to gain weight, and increases the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

The content of soda crackers is slightly higher than that of foods such as steamed buns due to the addition of refined mixed oil.

Steamed buns with 100 grams of flour contain 1 gram, and 8 grams with 100 grams of soda crackers.

Injecting 100 grams of soda crackers and absorbing 100 grams of flour steamed buns earlier is equivalent to absorbing 7 grams more, which is equivalent to absorbing 63 kcal of heat energy.

It can be seen that if you are afraid of growing weight, or want to lose weight, or want to lower blood fat, it is best not to eat soda crackers at will.

Eating soda crackers can increase the risk for people with diabetes.