[Do not put oil fried peanuts]_ without oil frying _ how to hype

[Do not put oil fried peanuts]_ without oil frying _ how to hype

Peanut rice contains a large number of aunts, usually eating more peanuts can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Peanut rice is very beneficial to the human body. There are many ways to make peanut rice, but it is best to eat it after it is fried, because the fried rice is more crispy and fragrant.

Some people think that the peanut rice fried with oil is too greasy to eat.

The following teaches you not to fry peanuts.

Material: The right amount of peanut rice with skin, the volume of oil, and the method of salt content 1. Wash the peanut rice, dry the water, add the fat and stir well, then sprinkle the salt and stir well.

2. Directly add to the oven and bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes. The oven does not need to be preheated.

3. After turning off the heat, do not take it immediately, take it after the oven has cooled down.

4, take and cool, you can.

[Peanuts and chicken feet]Ingredients: 500 grams of chicken feet, 200 grams of peanuts, appropriate amount of oil and salt, 1 segment of spring onion, 3 slices of ginger, 2 cloves of garlic, 10 peppercorns, 1 star anise, 1 tbsp of cooking wine, Shexian bean paste1 tablespoon, 1 tablespoon of braised soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of sugar, method: 1.

Peanut rice is soaked in clear water for 1 hour in advance, and the chicken feet bought back are cleaned 2.

Cut off the toes of chicken feet 3.

Cut the chicken feet into two pieces with a knife.

Add water to the boil, boil the chicken feet in cold water, boil for two minutes, skim off the froth, remove the chicken feet from the water, and control the moisture of the chicken feet5.

Heat the pan with oil and stir-fry the watercress sauce over low heat, stir-fry the watercress sauce with fragrant sauce, and stir-fry the red oil.

Put onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, star anise and stir-fry.

Peanut rice, pour in hot water, the amount of water should not exceed the ingredients, then add braised soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, salt, cover the pot, boil over high heat, turn to low heat for 30 minutes 8.

When cooking the remaining small amount of soup, close the fire, turn off the heat, and serve it on the plate. Tips: Peanut rice should be soaked 1 hour in advance.Use less.