[Do you eat grapes and return milk]_ breastfeeding _ effect

[Do you eat grapes and return milk]_ breastfeeding _ effect

Parturients pay great attention to their diet, and know that certain foods are helpful for milk production, and certain foods can cause milk back. Grapes are fruits that many women like, but do you eat grapes to return milk?

Grapes are rich in nutrients, but they will not cause women to return to milk, so they can be eaten during lactation, but you should also pay attention to the amount of grapes, because the sugar and mixing in grapes are higher, and women should eat less.

Are grapes a return milk food? Grapes are not a return milk food. Eating grapes is very beneficial for postpartum recovery.

Breastfeeding mothers can eat grapes, but do not eat too much, otherwise the consequences themselves and the baby will be affected.

Because grapes are high in trace amounts and high in sugar, mothers during breastfeeding should not eat too much, and mothers with diabetes should pay special attention to avoid grapes.

Lactating mothers, because of their particular characteristics, go through two stages of production and breastfeeding. The nutrients they need, eating grapes or raisins, can help restore health, because grapes contain protein, amino acids, lecithin, vitamins and minerals.And other nutrients, especially sugar is very high, and mainly glucose, easy to be directly absorbed by the body.

Grapes are both delicious and nutritious.

The mature concentration contains 15% -25% glucose, which still contains more than ten amino acids and a large amount of fruit acid required by the human body.

Therefore, eating grapes often has a supplementary effect on neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

Natural breastfeeding method If the mother has breastfeeded the baby for 10 months to 1 year and can be weaned normally, in general, natural breastfeeding is the best and the success rate is high.The baby is all right.

1. Gradually reduce the number of feedings: If the mother does not have too much milk, you can choose to reduce the number of times the child eats milk. By reducing the number of times the child eats milk, the milk secretion is reduced a little, and the milk is returned.

2. Lengthen the interval between feedings: gradually increase the interval between feedings to allow the baby to adapt slowly and allow the breasts to adapt, gradually reducing the secretion of milk, which is very helpful for returning milk.

3, shorten the single feeding time: don’t feed the baby too long each time, change slowly.

In this way, the reduction of the baby’s sucking stimulation will naturally reduce the milk secretion.

4, reduce the intake of high protein: mothers should pay attention to less soup and milk food, must be careful not to eat fish, mutton and other protein-rich foods.

Drink less soup and less water, you can eat light food to reduce the effect of milk secretion.

5. Wear tight-fitting clothes: When weaning the baby, the mother can expand loose clothes, wear tight-fitting clothes and underwear, reduce milk secretion by squeezing clothes, and help return milk.