[Simple method of tomato omelet rice]_ making method _ how to make

[Simple method of tomato omelet rice]_ making method _ how to make

Gourmet, omelet rice contains a lot of vegetables and meat. You can mix and match whatever you want. The nutrition is very rich. The protein range looks simple. In fact, it is also skillful to make. There are many types of omelet rice.Tomato Omelet is one of the most popular gourmet snacks. So what is the simple way to do it?

Simple method of tomato omelet rice Ingredients: one piece of leftover rice, four eggs, one carrot, ham sausage, pea (fresh) leader, a few drops of old, appropriate amount of salt, a small amount of ketchup and steps: 1.

First clean the carrots, ham and peas and cut into small cubes.

If you do not have ready-made ingredients at home, you can replace them, such as corn, ham, bacon, vegetables, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, etc. are all possible.

Break the eggs apart and I use three eggs to make the egg crust.

Add two spoonfuls of water to the egg skin and break it apart.

This step must not be less.

Prepare a sieve to filter the egg liquid again, so that the egg skin is more delicate and there are no small pores.


Heat the pan and heat it. Add oil to the pan. After the oil is hot, fry the eggs and serve.

Then fry the three dices directly with the oil of the scrambled eggs and stir fry to 8 minutes.

After cooking, pour in the remaining rice, stir fry evenly, and finally pour in the freshly fried eggs. Brush a thin layer of oil in the pan.


Fold the entire egg skin or fold it in half.

Wrap the rice.

Place omelet rice in a plate and garnish with tomato sauce.

You can start eating beautifully!

Cooking Tips: 1.

If you are a novice, you can add alternative potato flour to your eggs and then stir in some water.

Egg skins can be fried in a pan, which is basically a success.


The rice is best overnight.

Because rice is not rich in water.

If not, blow it dry.

This kind of rice does not stick to the pan when fried.


The eggs we often eat have five functions.

First, eggs have the effect of delaying aging. According to relevant information, eggs place the nutrients that our body needs.

In addition, eggs have a huge role in preventing cancer.

This is because the substances contained in eggs break down toxins and carcinogens in the human body.

Finally, if we eat an egg every day, it will be our day.

Adequate nutritional supplements will also make our mental state the best.


Carrots contain carotene, and the simultaneous extraction of carotene in various foods can overlap the effect of carotene.

It can help increase the sensitivity of the retina.

At the same time, rich vitamin C can also enhance the body’s immunity, lighten dark spots on the face, and make the skin whiter and more transparent.

Carotene has a hematopoietic function, which can replenish the blood required by the human body, thereby improving anemia or cold blood.

Carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body, enhance and strengthen the body’s immune function, and play an important role in preventing epithelial cell canceration.Lignin in carrots can also improve the body’s immunity, indirectly destroying polymers.

In addition to swelling and reducing hypertension, the α-carotene in carrots inhibits tumor cells 10 times more than β-carotene, and is also very effective in preventing abnormal changes in DNA (DNA).

As early as more than a decade ago, research found that elevated levels of α-carotene in the blood lowered the risk of hypertension.

According to a 14-year follow-up survey conducted by researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control, the higher the level of alpha-carotene in the blood, the longer the life expectancy.