[Wenhua Hantan Traditional Chinese Medicine]_ warming effect _ how to medicine

[Wenhua Hantan Traditional Chinese Medicine]_ warming effect _ how to medicine

In Chinese medicine, if you want to warm your body and treat diseases, Chinese medicine is a good choice.

Although traditional Chinese medicine is slower than western medicine, its safety is relatively high, and it is more suitable for people with special systems.

In Chinese medicine, there are many drugs that have the effect of warming cold phlegm, such as Pinellia ternata, Tiannanxing, Baifuzi, White Mustard, etc.

1. Pinellia ternata and Pinellia ternata, the name of traditional Chinese medicine, is the dried tuber of the Asteraceae plant Pinellia ternata.

Excavation in the summer and autumn seasons, washing, removing the outer skin and fibrous roots, and drying.

It has the effects of drying dampness and reducing phlegm, reducing backache and stopping vomiting, and eliminating diarrhea and dispersing knots.

Applicable to wet phlegm, cold phlegm, coughing and breathing, phlegm drinking dizziness, wind and phlegm dizziness, headache with phlegm dampness, nausea, vomiting nausea, chest tightness, plum kernel gas; external treatment of swollen sputum core.

Should not be used with Chuanwu, Chuanwu, Caowu, Caowu, and Aconite. Oral products should be used with caution.

Treatment of damp phlegm, wheezing, and analgesic pain: Pinellia is not restrictive, sesame oil is fried, and the porridge ball Wuzi is large.

Three or fifty pills per serving, under ginger soup.

(“Danxi Heart Method”) 2. Tiannanxing Tiannanxing, a herbal medicine included in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, is a dried tuber of the plant Tiannanxing, Tiannanxing, Heterophyll Tiannanxing or Northeast Tiannanxing.

When the stems and leaves wither in the autumn and winter seasons, excavate to remove the fibrous roots and outer skin and dry.

It has the functions of expelling wind and cough, dissolving phlegm and dissolving knots.

The main stroke is phlegm, crooked mouth and eyes, paraplegia, hand and foot paralysis, wind and sputum dizziness, epilepsy, convulsions, tetanus, cough and sputum, bloated, swollen, paralyzed paralysis, snake bite.

Govern the wind and reduce phlegm, settle for peace and tranquillity, the leader: use Pinellia song three or two, Tiannan star (artillery) one or two, Chensha, dry staff half each, for the end, ginger juice mashed Wuzi big.

Thirty pills per serving. Ginger soup is delivered after eating.

(“Hefang Bureau Formula” Chensha Huatan Pills) 3, Baifuzi Baifuzi, the name of Chinese medicine, is the dried tuber of the Asteraceae plant Unicornia.

Excavated in autumn to remove fibrous roots and skins, and dried.

With the elimination of wind and phlegm, convulsions, detoxification, and pain relief.

It is suitable for stroke phlegm, slanting of mouth and eyes, astringent language, convulsive epilepsy, tetanus, headache with sputum burning, partial headache, sputum sputum nucleus, snake bite.

Generally used after processing, smashed with a suitable amount of topical raw products, boiled or grinded with alcohol to apply the affected area.

Use with caution in pregnant women;

4, white mustard white mustard, also known as spicy rapeseed, one year or biennial plant white mustard dry mature seeds.

Odorless and spicy.

Can be used as medicine.

Warm and cold, relieve phlegm, pass through the meridians, reduce swelling and poison.

Treatment of cold stomach and vomiting, pericardial pain, lung cold cough, pain, paralysis of throat, Yin ulcer, sputum, bruises.

Lung deficiency, long cough, and yin deficiency and fire are prohibited.

Treat colds and no sweat: Fill the umbilicus with water-mustard mustard, iron it with hot clothes, and sweat well.

(“Supplementary Unilateral”) 5, Convolvulus convolvulus, the name of the traditional Chinese medicine, is the dry head of the compositae convolvulus or Eurasian convolvulus.

It has the effects of lowering qi, reducing phlegm, running water, and preventing vomiting.

It is used for cold cough, phlegm drink and sputum accumulation, chest tightness, wheezing and sputum, vomiting and suffocation, and heart palpitations.

Treatment of exogenous wind and cold, wet phlegm, cough and phlegm, often used with Pinellia and ephedra, such as Jinbocaosan.

(“Hefang Bureau”)