[Can the lotus seed peach gum be stewed together]_ making method _ Daquan

[Can the lotus seed peach gum be stewed together]_ making method _ Daquan

For women, especially adult women, maintenance is a very important thing.

With the increase of age, the loss of collagen in women’s body will be accelerated, which will cause the phenomenon of wrinkles on the face of female friends, so supplementing the body with various nutrients is something that every woman needs to do.

Many health websites recommend that female friends can eat peach gum, can lotus peach gum be stewed together?

Peach gum, also known as peach blossom tears, as the name suggests, is collected from the peach tree (also known on many plants in the Rosaceae family, but the peach tree is more famous). It is a gum secreted from the tree.

After continuous soaking, it will turn into a frozen transparent material, which is odorless, so it is mostly used for desserts.

The content of calcium, phosphorus, and iron in lotus seeds is quite rich. It is a healthy food for invigorating the qi and strengthening the kidneys, helping to circulate qi and blood, and being effective for strengthening the spleen and kidney, preventing growth.Mining.
1 Peach gum can’t be eaten with anything. No food is available. Peach gum is a resin secreted from the bark of mangosteen and other trees.The characteristic products in it are natural substances without any toxicity. It contains protein, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients, which has a better nourishing effect, and can also replenish blood, nourish thirst.

No foods have been found that are compatible with peach gum.

2. How long can peach gum be cooked for 2 to 20?
About 30 minutes, peach gum is mainly light yellow or yellow, and some are amber. Peach gum is dry and hard. You need to soak it with water before eating. After soaking, it will become large and soft.
30 minutes is enough, too long cooking time may melt.

3, how often do peach gum eat 4 a week 2?
3 times Peach Gum is a natural nourishing food. It has the functions of replenishing blood, quenching thirst, and reducing diarrhea. A moderate amount of food has a great weight on the body.

Peach gum is difficult to digest, so take 2 a week?
Three times is the best, and there are still impurities in the dessert made from peach gum. Long-term consumption may cause blood sugar to rise.

4. Can peach gum be eaten by children? 3 You can eat peach gum, which is rich in nutrients and nourish the body. Children can eat peach gum, but pay attention to supplementation, because peach gum is not easy to digest, and excessive consumption of children may cause gastrointestinal upset.
Peach gum can be eaten with lotus seeds, white fungus and saponin, as well as honey, yogurt, and fruits.