Recommended – Chinese medicine to alleviate the symptoms of drunkenness

Recommended: Chinese medicine to alleviate the symptoms of drunkenness

After drinking drunkenness, how to relieve the symptoms of drunkenness such as headache, dizziness, nausea, fever, the following Chinese medicine has a good effect: Wumei: sexual acid, flat, liver, spleen, lung, large intestine, with astringent lung Shengjin and other effects, can be used to treat lung deficiency and chronic cough, long-term diarrhea and long-term silt, deficiency of heat and thirst.

Because of its acidity, it can thirst, so it can be drunk and thirsty.

Take Wumei 30g Shuijianbi, can be thirsty after getting drunk.

  Rhizoma Imperata: Also known as thatch root, its sweetness, cold, into the lungs, stomach, bladder, with cooling blood to stop bleeding, heat and diuretic effect.

Take Rhizoma Imperata 15?
30g water decoction, can detoxification.

  Mulberry: Also known as mulberry fruit, its sweetness, cold, heart, liver, kidney, with nourishing yin and blood, Shengjin Runchang effect.

When hangover, fresh mulberry 150g juice can be added.

  Pueraria flower: Sexual sweetness, good understanding of alcoholism, spleen and stomach to quench your thirst, attending drinking excessive headache, dizziness, polydipsia and vomiting, chest fullness and other symptoms.

“Spleen and Stomach” has Gehua Jieyu (酲: After the drunk is unclear) soup, “Minnan Materia Medica” has Gehua Qingre Pills, etc., all drunk.

In addition, Pueraria, Ge Gu (the seeds of Ge) also have a sobering effect.

Pueraria flower 10g Shuijianbi, can hangover.

  Chrysanthemum: It belongs to the divergent wind-heat type solution, which is slightly cold, tastes bitter and bitter, can evacuate wind and heat, calm liver and eyesight, clear away heat and detoxification.

Chrysanthemum 10?
15g water decoction, can cure headaches caused by excessive drinking, dizziness and other symptoms.

  Zhuru: Gan, slightly cold, there is heat and phlegm, in addition to annoying vomiting, it is good for vomiting caused by stomach heat or heat.

Zhuru 10?
15g water decoction, can cure headaches after drinking alcohol, vomiting embolism.

  Grass fruit: Xin Wen, into the spleen and stomach, with dampness and dispelling cold, in addition to the work of cutting the scales, because of the aroma of the gas, there is turbidity.

In addition, you can also eat and hangover.

Grass fruit 10g decoction drink, can hangover.

  Galangal: Sexually spicy, hot, into the spleen and stomach, there is cold and pain, warm and stop vomiting, digestion and hangover.

Galangal 10?
15g water decoction, can cure too much drinking, cold and vomiting.

  White lentils: are tonifying spleen and qi, sweet and warm, can spleen, dampness, cool off, and kill alcohol, and also solve puffer poison.

White lentils 10?
12g water decoction, can hangover.

  Sophora flavescens: Sexually bitter cold, with heat and dampness, insecticidal and diuretic work, and the effect of quenching thirst and hangover.

Sophora flavescens 10?
15g decoction drink, good for hangover.

  Nutmeg: Sexual taste is warm, it is a kind of warm stop peony, there is warm and qi, solid intestine and diarrhea, digestion.

And you can eat, hangover, cure cholera.

Take nutmeg 10?
12g Jianshui drink, can cure drunkenness, abdominal fullness, vomiting embolism.