Five-color meal for summer slimming

Five-color meal for summer slimming

In the hot summer, too many people will feel more or less uncomfortable bowel movements, irritability in their hearts, yellow urine color, and no appetite to eat on time.

If this lasts for more than two days, it may be a few days of oral ulcers or gum swelling and pain, and the summer of trouble will become more and more difficult.

These summer reactions are collectively referred to as “Summer Constipation Fire”.

  If you can understand and take advantage of the law of rapid metabolism in the summer, and design a summer diet for the whole family, you can make the summer a “happy season” for your family to adjust your body.

  The “green meal” spinach with obvious fiber, aloe vera and the spinach are rich in vitamins and fiber, which is a major contributor to the problem of constipation.

But green vegetables like spinach and green peppers have a small amount of cellulose when they are eaten raw, but the amount of cellulose increases after hot water.

Therefore, if you have a problem with poor bowel movements during the summer, it is best to eat at least one time when eating vegetables.

On the summer table, make a little garlic spinach, sesame sauce spinach, salad spinach vermicelli, spinach pork dumplings, or simply make a spinach soup.

  Aloe vera can be easily purchased from the supermarket.

Friends who have poor bowel movements in summer can make aloe vera soup at home.

The specific method is: Wash the aloe vera and cut off the fine thorns on the edge, which will cause the outer skin of the side to be stripped and cut.

Wash the kohlrabi, red bell peppers and seeds, and wash the cucumbers and cut into cubes.

When the fire is boiled, add red sweet peppers and boil, cucumber, aloe vera and salt to boil.

  Conducive to the “yellow meal” to eat vegetables, soy sauce, soy sauce, folks often use sesame seed oil, vegetable oil and other treatment of constipation, which is the most oxide of the body is olive oil.

  We usually use olive oil when cooking and mixing vegetables.

Moreover, cooking with olive oil can make many fat-soluble vitamins in yellow-green vegetables more comprehensively absorbed in the human body.

You can also mix olive oil and barley tea in a ratio of 101:1. Drinking a little every day can effectively improve the digestive function of the stomach.

  Soybeans have the reputation of “beef grown in the ground” in South Korea, and Koreans often use soy sauce to make various sauces.

Because they know that the fermented soybean food, its original supplement fiber will become soft, and the beneficial bacteria will be more in the fermentation process, which can effectively help digestion of the stomach.

  Therefore, we may also wish to eat more fermented soybeans in the summer, such as fried sauce, soy sauce, and sweet sauce.

You can eat noodles, pancakes, taro, or you can take the vegetables directly.

  The “black meal” seaweed for lipid-lowering is suitable for cold seaweed, laver, seaweed and other algae foods rich in vitamins and minerals. It is especially suitable for summer salads, or fried with meat to help greasy.

  Buy dry kelp, be sure to pay attention to buy a layer of white powder, the leaves are complete, thick.

First of all, there is no small hole in the kelp.

If you buy fresh kelp, wakame, etc., you have to pick up more mucus, because this is the key to judging the quality, but also the main substance they can play a smooth role.

  This mucous substance, called algin and mannitol, not only relieves constipation, but also lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.

Their viscous nature will envelop the aunt, sugar, etc. absorbed by the food, the transformation will not be transformed and absorbed, and the direct transformation of the stool will be replaced by the whole body.

  The “red meal” sweet potato with a bowel movement, the apple “activates” the large intestine sweet potato can be used as both a staple food and a vegetable.

In the summer, people often eat pasta, which can be steamed and smashed into mud and flour, and then used to classify cakes, buns, dumplings, noodles, etc.

  In the hot summer, you might want to make an apple jam.

It is fresh, delicious, and can be a variety of fruit and vegetable fiber.

  The specific method is: wash the apple, diced, soaked in salt water, picked up, drained water for use.

Wash the tomatoes and cut into small pieces; cut the ham into small pieces, celery to the leaves, wash, cut the small Ding, and set aside.

Then take the hot pot, put 1 teaspoon of oil, saute the celery, add apple diced, tomato, ham and green beans, corn kernels, seasonings, stir-fry, then put in cooked rice, stir well quickly,Can be eaten in a pot.

  Appropriate increase of these two kinds of red food in summer is equivalent to injecting vital energy into the large intestine, and you can try the body to quickly defecate.

  The “white meal” coarse grains of the hypoglycemic and moisturizing intestines, the fiber contained in the coarse grains such as lotus root boiled into porridge and crushed rice are 3-4 times that of ordinary rice.

Therefore, if you want to prevent or improve the recent poor bowel movements, you can concentrate on eating coarse grain staple foods, such as barley porridge, barley porridge and so on.

But when you eat, be sure to chew a few more mouths and slowly swallow.In addition, the coarse grains can also be made into coarse grain juice, corn, mung beans, soybeans. whipped into juice, with light corn and mung bean flavor and more suitable for summer stomach digestion.

  Summer lotus root can choose to make porridge.

Cut the diced oysters together with the rice and porridge. The porridge is sticky, the old glutinous rice is soft, and you can add some sugar when you eat.