Pursuing a slim eating method can also help reduce fat

Pursuing a slim eating method can also help reduce fat

As for dairy products, people’s associations seem to be related to excessiveness. Therefore, some people who pursue slim body often reduce the proportion of dairy products in replacement.

As everyone knows, if you eat properly, dairy products can also resist obesity and help you control your weight healthily.

Professor of Medicine, Professor of Nutrition, University of Tennessee, USA?

Dr. Zemel’s research confirms that calcium and other ingredients in dairy products, such as whey protein, can help burn excess fat. If the total conversion of absorption is constant, if the absorption of dairy products is increased in daily supplements, it will be greatly increased.Improve your excess aunt and help you control your weight healthily.

  Sufficient calcium can speed up the slight burning. “If you remove the dairy from the recipe for weight loss, it would be a big mistake.

Dr. Zemel said that when calcium is deficient, the body releases a hormone called calcitriol, which helps prevent calcium loss. In the process, calcitriol is like a “metabolic switch”.Tell the aunt cell to increase the aunt’s reserve and slow down the process of burning the aunt.

Conversely, a sufficient amount of calcium can inhibit the release of this hormone, helping the body reduce the rate of fecal burn while reducing the fecal reserve.

So, is it possible to directly help calcium to lose weight?

Of course not, Dr. Zemel found that the supplement of calcium only explains one of the reasons for dairy weight control. Another important reason why dairy can help to lose weight is attributed to whey protein: the nutrients contained in whey protein canStimulates the reconstruction of muscle tissue, and this process is also the process of burning cockroaches.

Dr. Zemel’s research shows that replacing milk or whey protein with a daily diet plan can have a multiplier effect if you want to achieve weight loss by reducing total food conversion.

Dr. Zemel also reminded that if you increase the intake of milk and whey protein without reducing the time, although it may not necessarily reduce your weight, one thing is certain, their body micro-content will indeed decrease.Thereby becoming healthier.

The test also showed that the anti-obesity effect of milk-derived calcium only accounts for a small part of the anti-obesity effect of dairy products, and the main effect is attributed to the activity of whey protein in dairy products.

  Whey protein can effectively control weight. So what is whey protein?

Whey protein is a type of protein naturally found in milk, which accounts for about 20% of the total protein content of milk.

In breast milk, this ratio is about 80%.

Modern whey protein processing technology can be used more and more widely in food processing as a quality food ingredient.

  The amount of traces and sugars in whey protein is very low, and it is an important nutrient that promotes the rapid synthesis of muscles. It plays a very good role in controlling weight, promoting light utilization and maintaining muscles.

Studies have shown that absorbing 20 grams of whey protein after weight-bearing exercise can greatly promote muscle recovery, help maintain muscle quality and promote adult use, thereby contributing to healthy weight loss and the role of scientific plastic body.

Dr. Zemel pointed out that the nutrients contained in whey protein can promote muscle rebuilding while consuming the intestines.

If dairy products can help you control your weight healthily and make you slimmer, then the whey protein that really helps you further realize the science of reducing fat and body shape is whey protein.

  Therefore, it is not difficult to produce. We can increase the milk, yogurt and whey protein in the daily diet to help control the body weight. The essential nutrients in milk, whey protein, can help to lose weight healthily, and can also carry out scientific plastic body effect.

In fact, whey protein has penetrated into many foods.

Whey protein is only one of the main raw materials for infant formula. In more and more popular foods, such as yogurt and energy bars, whey protein can be found.

At present, conventional whey protein is basically imported. In the past five years, the quality of whey protein imported from the United States has increased by nearly 7 times, which reflects that consumers’ awareness of pursuing a healthy lifestyle is increasing.