The performance of myasthenia gravis needs daily care

The performance of myasthenia gravis needs daily care

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease and a disease that is difficult to treat, causing extremely serious damage to patients.

Because of the rareness of the disease, many people don’t know much about it, and they don’t know its symptoms.

So what is the performance of myasthenia gravis?

How to care for the day?

The manifestations of myasthenia gravis 1. The drooping eyelids are also called the eyelids.

The primary symptom of most patients with myasthenia gravis is drooping eyelids.

In most patients in the early stage, the drooping of the eyelids showed only complications and complications.

In the later stages, it is mostly bilateral.

Can be seen at any age, especially in children.

There are too many patients who may have their eyelids squatting up, and the other side of the eyelids will be pulled down again, that is, there will be alternating left and right sag.

2, double vision patients will appear overlapping when looking at things.

When you look at your eyes, you will see two identical things.

If you look at things with one eye, you know how you can see one.

Children who are younger and younger will not describe the double vision. They often use the hoe, torticollis and other actions to make the double vision disappear.

Severe cases can be expressed as strabismus.

3, the general weakness is not obvious from the appearance of the patient, but the patient always feels weak, the shoulder can not lift, can not stand up.

Sometimes even when I wash my face, I have to help others.

The patient will feel tired when they do a little work.

These patients often have symptoms such as drooping eyelids and diplopia.

4, chewing weakness patients’ teeth look healthy and barrier-free, but there is nothing to force.

There is still strength in starting one or two bites, and the more you bite, the less force you have.

Daily care for myasthenia gravis 1, work and rest: living is often, first arrange a day of life order, sleep on time, get up on time, do not stay up late, to work and rest.

2, shelter from the cold, anti-cold: muscle weakness patients with poor resistance, colds and colds will continue to cause disease recurrence or aggravation, continue to increase the body’s resistance to disease.

3, diet should have a section: neuromuscular pathogenesis and temper deficiency are closely related, Gu regulation is more important, can not be thirsty or full, must be regular, have a degree, while various nutrients should be properly formulated, not partial eclipse.
4, pay attention to moderate exercise: exercise to enhance physical fitness, but not excessive exercise, especially in patients with myasthenia gravis excessive exercise will aggravate the symptoms, so patients should choose some sports to help restore health according to their own situation.

Patients with severe illness or patients who are bedridden for a long time should be given appropriate massage to prevent the formation of wounds.

5, maintain a good attitude: in the treatment of patients should have a good attitude and confidence in rehabilitation.

Encourage patients and patients themselves to have positive and optimistic treatment confidence, reduce the patient’s psychological burden, avoid mental stimulation and excessive mental exhaustion.

6, pay attention to all kinds of infections: myasthenia gravis disease and infection and close relationship, so pay attention to avoid all kinds of infections in life.