[How to make yam is delicious]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to make yam is delicious]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Yam is also called native potato or yam yam, and it is also called yam or white yam. Yam has many benefits to the human body. Yam can enhance resistance, help the body digestion, improve diarrhea, and have an effect on cough.Patients often take yam to quench their thirst. There are many ways to make yam. Many friends ca n’t burn it yet. How can yam be delicious?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Stir-fried yam. Peel and wash the yam, then slice it into thin slices.

Boil half a pot of water, put the sliced yam in the water once, then raise the oil pan, and go down the mountain.

Fry well with salt.


Yam fried fungus is the same, peel the yam and cut into thin slices, then run through the water.

The fungus is opened with boiling water and picked up for future use.

Put some lard in the pan, add the fungus and yam and stir fry.

The reason why lard is added is that the lard is more fragrant.


The method of yam fried carrots is colorful, yam white, carrot orange, very beautiful.

Peel the carrots and yam and slice into thin slices.

Add oil to a hot pan, fry carrots first, then yam, and stir well.


Yam fried pork slices slice the yam, add boiling water and blanch it once, and then lift it up.

Heat the pan with cold oil, add the meat slices first, then add the yam and stir fry.

This way of eating, with vegetarian food, is the most nutritious.


You can stir-fry yam, fungus, and slices of meat.

The method is similar to the above, except that some ingredients are added together and the taste will be different.


You can add auxiliary spices such as red and green peppers when stir-frying yam to increase the color and taste of the dishes.

You can also add meat slices and stir fry.


Efficacy of yam Yam, which has been consumed by humans since ancient times, is one of the first plants for human consumption.

As early as the Tang Dynasty poem Saint Du Fu’s poem, there is a famous sentence of “filling the intestines with multiple potatoes”.

The yam tubers are thick and juicy, sweet and cottony, and sticky. Raw and hot foods are delicious.

According to the results of the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences’ test on yam, the average tuber contains crude protein 14.
48%, crude fiber 3.48%, starch 43.7%, sugar 1.14%, potassium 2.62%, phosphorus 0.2%, calcium 0.2%, magnesium 0.14%, ash 5.51%, Iron 53.57ppm, zinc 29.22ppm, copper 10.58ppm, manganese 5.38ppm.

Of the 18 amino acids required by humans, 16 are contained in yam.