Soluble tea’s beneficial ingredients only soak for a few minutes

Soluble tea’s beneficial ingredients only soak for a few minutes

For the profound and profound tea culture, all countries in the world have different annotations: Chinese people “wait for tea”, “wait for tea”, like to drink tea; Japanese drink tea to pay attention to “tea ceremony”; British people used to drink afternoonTea, called evening tea as “tea time”; Americans usually use tea bags to make tea. No matter which country, from tea varieties, tea utensils, to brewing water temperature, time, there are requirements, especially for timegrasp.

  Recently, the US “Prevention” magazine published a study saying that the longer the black tea is soaked, the healthier it is.

Geoffrey Barenborg, a professor of nutrition at Tufts University in the United States, said that the long time is good for the healthy flavonoids to dissolve fully, preferably for 5 minutes.

  Shen Hong, a national tea maker, said in an interview with this reporter that for other types of tea, the brewing time is also very particular. The following describes the brewing methods of several commonly used tea leaves.

Biluo spring bud leaves are small and delicate, such as the brewing time is just right, in order to clear the green leaves of the soup, the taste is mellow.

If you spend too much time, the color of the soup will turn yellow and the freshness will be greatly reduced.

When brewing, first pour the water and then put the tea leaves, soak for two or three minutes.

  Before brewing Longjing tea, before the Huangshan Maofeng, first pour the water into the cup, soak the tea, smell the faint fragrance, add water, cover the lid for 4 minutes.

Soaking this time, the tea tastes better, and the beneficial ingredients can be effectively precipitated.

When you drink, don’t wait for the water in the cup to finish drinking and add water. When you drink half, fill it with water, so you can maintain a rich taste.

  Pu’er tea belongs to black tea. It usually takes 5 minutes to scent, and the scent comes out. It is easier to taste with the tea cake index.

“Chen Yue Yue” is widely recognized as the biggest feature of Pu’er tea distinguishing other teas.

For this reason, the most important step in brewing Pu’er tea is to wash the tea, that is, first put the tea into the cup, pour the boiling water, pour the water after a while, then pour the boiling water and cover the lid.

In this way, the second tea does not filter out the impurities on the tea leaves, and is more mellow.

  In addition, other factors will also affect the effect of tea, some add a little lemon juice to the black tea, the antioxidant content can be increased by 80%.

In addition, milk tea is made from black tea, but black tea with milk may hinder the absorption of certain nutrients.