[Secret: What makes men soft when touched]_ Men

[Secret: What makes men “soft when touched”]_ Men

Men’s psychology sometimes experiences the baptism of stormy emotions.

Men are more vulnerable than women when they encounter certain things.

Therefore, a wise woman will always find the key to unlock a man’s heart, rather than accusing him of indifference.

Xiongfeng no longer man always likes to brag about how powerful his bed is in front of his brothers and women. He only knows how many women have sex with him, but he must lose in front of others.

Men love and hate sexual matters. Men have deep fears of their sexual abilities deep in their hearts. They are afraid that one day they will suddenly die in bed. The most proud little brother winces.I can no longer sing the flag-raising ceremony, look at the woman’s disappointment, or even the disgusting expression, thinking that I can never regain the glory.

It is the most important thing for men to face and self-esteem. Although men’s minds are full of sex, they also have a great need for sex, and how fearful they will be that day when the heroism is no longer!