[Can olive cure cough]_Cough_Can you

[Can olive cure cough]_Cough_Can you

Cough is a very common disease in general. There are many types of cough, some are dry cough, and some are cough. In fact, no matter which kind of cough is harmful to human health, it seriously affects our long life andWork, cough needs to be treated in time, if not treated in time, it will cause other diseases in the body, such as pneumonia and other diseases. There are many ways to treat cough. Can olive cure cough?

Cough is a common type in life. Cough is very uncomfortable when it coughs, which will hinder our work and life. Regarding the treatment of cough, we can choose some remedies for cough, so that olives can clear away heat and detoxify, and cough.The role of sputum.

Drinking olives in water, stewed lean meats with green olives are good choices for cough, remind everyone not to eat a lot of olives, it may hurt the spleen and stomach!

1, green olives boiled water to drink the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine, many foods in life can even be eaten and have a lot of medicinal value, this food of olives has the role of clearing heat and detoxifying, and can clear the throat.

So how do you eat olives to relieve cough?

We can use green olives to boil water, prepare 5 olives to add to the pot, then add a bowl of water, boil on high heat and simmer on low heat, and cook until about half a bowl of water is left.

Green olives boiled water tastes a bit astringent, we can add a little rock sugar before drinking, so the taste will be better.

Olive water is usually effective in treating cough within three to five days. You can try it.

2. Stewed lean meat with green olives Stewed meat with green olives is also a good cough remedy. Take about 8 olives into a bowl, cut a few slices of lean meat into the bowl, and add an appropriate amount of water to the pot.Put the bowl of lean olive meat directly into the pot to stew. It should be stewed for about half an hour, and it can be eaten after drying, once a day in the morning and evening. Remind everyone not to add salt when stewing olives.

3, taboo consumption of olives This food is cold, people with weak spleen and stomach should eat less, otherwise diarrhea will occur.

Olives have a high content of fruit acid, which is not suitable for eating in large quantities, and can also cause diarrhea.

Olives have a lot of medicinal value. They can not only treat cough, but also have a good relief effect on sore throat. It can also promote bone growth. People with calcium deficiency can take some of them, but it is not advisable to consume olives in excess.