[Difference between Clam and Flower Armor]_Flower Clam _ Different

[Difference between Clam and Flower Armor]_Flower Clam _ Different

Clams and squids are seafood, but they are different.

The clam is a kind of flower clam, which is also called clam. Flower clam is more common, usually in the silt of the reservoir.

The shell of the flower shell is relatively large, but the meat inside is relatively small. The flower shell is not only delicious, but also has high nutritional value.

The spaghetti is also very particular about the production. If it is not made properly, it will still be hard to eat.

Let’s briefly introduce the flower armor.

Flower armor, also known as clam, mollusk, is about 3 cm in length, the shell is oval, light brown, and the edges are purple.

Lives on the shallow ocean floor.

The clam is a general term for a bivalve mollusk. The shell is oval, the clam is triangular or oblong, the two shells are similar, the top of the shell is slightly forward, the surface of the shell is smooth or has a concentric ring pattern, and the skin is crusty.The axe foot is developed, flat, flat and without silk. It lives in shallow sea sand and has a wide variety. It is one of the mainstream seafood shellfish molluscs.

There are many varieties of flower clams, clams, Shih Tzu tongue and other meat meat.

Not only is its meat extremely delicious, but it is also rich in nutrition, and it is an inexpensive seafood.

It is said to be “the world’s first fresh”, and the folk also said that “every clam meat is eaten, all flavors fail”.

Clams should be soaked in cold water to spit while fresh, so as not to eat a full mouthful of sand, which will damage the taste. If you are worried about the loss of clam juice when grilling, you can put it in a container or wrap it in aluminum foil to make it continuous.Cut the shell first with a knife so that the shell won’t pop up automatically after the clams are cooked and the delicious soup will be lost.

The flower clam, commonly known as the “clam”, is a treasure in shellfish, which is named for the smooth surface of the shell and its beautiful red, brown, and black patterns.

The flower clam is usually a common name for certain curtain clams produced in offshore China, especially: small-eyed curtain clam, Philippine curtain clam, of which small-eyed curtain clam is also called variegated clam, and another kind of Philippine clam, Commonly known as flower clam, Liaoning is called zizi (xianzi), Shandong is called clam (gala).

Clam is a common shellfish in the market. It is widely distributed in the North and South China Sea. It has fast growth, short breeding cycles, and strong adaptability (wide temperature, wide salt, wide distribution).Excellent shellfish suitable for artificial high-density farming, is one of the four largest cultured shellfish in China.

Edible for cooking.