[Can pepper be eaten during lactation]

[Can pepper be eaten during lactation]

Pepper is a more common seasoning. Generally speaking, pepper may need to be used during the cooking process. This can remove some fishy smells and increase the flavor of the dish. But can pepper be eaten during breastfeeding?

During lactation, you need to pay great attention to this aspect of the food, and you can’t eat it randomly, otherwise it may cause some harm to the baby.

Let’s analyze whether people can eat pepper during lactation.

For mothers, the most worrying issue is their lack of milk.

Therefore, if it is caused by bad food, the phenomenon of returning milk is also distressing. Although there is no clear example that pepper can be returned, it is not recommended for lactating women to eat pepper.

Therefore, women in confinement must pay attention to the principles of diet, often eat warm food, some spicy food is best to eat less, so as to avoid the occurrence of postpartum adverse effects.

Pepper is a seasoning for cooking. It is made by ripening and drying the fruits of pepper.

Pepper (hújiāofěn), also known as ancient moon powder, is made by crushing and pressing the fruits of the tropical plant pepper tree. It is mainly produced in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries, and it is a food that can make you sneeze.Type, so be sure to pay attention to the amount of it when eating, it can improve the taste if you put it appropriately.

It is best not to use pepper powder to feed milk, and such stimulating foods will not have the effect of milking, and there may be the possibility of returning milk, so the maternal must pay attention to these common sense when eating.

Take four or five lotus roots in the middle (that is, the part we usually throw away) and cook them in the pot for about 20 minutes. Then drink the soup.

In addition, it is also good to stew tofu with bonito soup. Adding tofu in bonito soup can have the effect of supplementing protein and milking, so the maternal can choose this way of milking when eating.

Everyone’s physical fitness is different, so not all people will return after eating pepper. Of course, the most important thing for women who are breastfeeding is to eat more nutritious and healthy food, which is more conducive to the adequate health of their milk.
Regarding the question of whether pepper will have the effect of returning milk, do you understand it through the above understanding? In fact, pepper does not have a scientific basis to say that you can’t milk, but you should also pay attention to the maternal diet. SomeIt is best not to eat irritating foods. If you want to milk, it is not a good choice to choose catfish soup or pork trotter soup.