[Baby eat egg white allergic symptoms]_kids_performance

[Baby eat egg white allergic symptoms]_kids_performance

We know that eggs are very nutritious, so many parents will eat more eggs for their babies.

However, some babies will have nausea and vomiting after eating eggs. In severe cases, even small red spots on their bodies make many parents particularly worried. In fact, some small babies are allergic to eggs. If they eat eggs, they will cause immunity.reaction.
So, what are the allergic symptoms of babies eating egg whites?

First, the symptoms of babies’ allergies to egg whites The prevalence of food allergies in children has shown a continuous upward trend in recent years, becoming a common disease that endangers children’s physical health.

Among Chinese children’s allergic foods, eggs and milk are the most common.

Among them, the clinical symptoms of egg white allergy are that after the baby eats egg white, rash, eczema, scratching, severe allergic reactions will occur vomiting, diarrhea, cough, hypertension, dyspnea and other symptoms, and even edema.

Second, how to do a small amount of desensitization therapy for baby egg white allergy It is best not to try it at home easily. It should be treated under the guidance of a professional physician to avoid accidents.

For patients with severe allergies, it is even more important to follow the doctor’s advice.

Experts believe that children with severe egg allergies should avoid contact with eggs and their products.

Third, how to prevent the baby’s allergies Method 1, do not eat, once the egg allergy is determined, the best treatment is to understand the food products, avoid eating eggs and any egg-processed food, especially esophagitis, colitis, pressure and throat edemaFor babies with severe allergic reactions, eggs should be strictly restricted.

Method 2: Wait until your baby is older and eat. Studies have shown that 2/3 of allergic babies will be tolerated after 6 years of age, 61% at 14 years old?
86% developed tolerance to eggs.

80% at 18?
95% is tolerant to eggs, which means that most babies can eat eggs as adults.

Method three: Cooked and eaten. Most egg allergens are not sensitive to heat. The heated eggs can still cause allergies, and even when baking cakes, they may be inhaled into the baby’s airways and cause allergies.

Method 4: Only eat egg yolk. The allergens in eggs are mainly in egg white, so eating egg yolk is not likely to cause allergic reactions.

The fifth method, eat a small amount, reduce a small amount of eggs, and gradually increase the amount of eggs seems feasible, but it cannot be called desensitization therapy, and its safety and effectiveness still need to be further verified.