[Can you drink oolong tea if you have a bad stomach]_Add tea_Can you

[Can you drink oolong tea if you have a bad stomach]_Add tea_Can you

Oolong tea is a relatively common type of tea. Proper drinking of tea has health effects on the human body. Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea. Generally, the irritation of the stomach is not particularly great. Proper drinking is good for human body.Good, but people with a bad stomach are better off drinking oolong tea. When you are drinking tea, it is best not to drink tea on an empty stomach, and do not drink too strong tea, especially young people.

1. Can I drink oolong tea with a bad stomach? You can drink oolong tea with a bad stomach, but it must be brewed with boiling water at 100 ℃.

Oolong tea is neither cold nor hot, but is cool and sweet. It is a neutral tea suitable for most people.

Because the tea is relatively old, it must be brewed with boiling water at 100 ℃.

2, the stomach is not good to drink tea Yangwei 2.

1. Black tea Black tea is a full-fermented tea. Although the content of tea polyphenols is small, after the “maturation” process, the irritation is weak, the left and right sides are gentle and gentle, and it is suitable for evening intervals.

Especially for people with weak spleen and stomach, adding a little milk when drinking black tea can achieve a certain stomach-warming effect.


2, clove tea clove tea seems to be the upstart of stomach tea, many people do not understand the efficacy of clove tea, in fact, as long as you study the cloves, you will find that the habit of drinking clove tea to nourish the stomach has a long history.

Ancient court women often gave clove tea to remove their breath, and bad breath caused by upset stomach. Drinking clove tea is especially useful.

Clove tea is warm in nature, and has the effects of warming, reducing inverse, and nourishing the stomach. Drinking lilac tea often can relieve bloating, enhance digestion, and eliminate nausea and vomiting.

It is recommended that people with poor stomachs make 3-10 g of clove tea every day. It can be reconstituted before and after meals. Keep holding it for better stomach.


3 Barley tea Barley is cooked and then soaked in water. Taking it daily can nourish the stomach.

Barley tea has a very good effect on nourishing tonic, digesting grains, stopping diarrhea and indigestion.

Weak stomach, indigestion should eat; liver disease, loss of appetite, stomach fullness after injury and women with breast pain when breastfeeding should eat barley malt.

3, poor stomach can not drink any tea

1. Chrysanthemum tea Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum tastes bitter and slightly cold. Although chrysanthemum tea can clear heat and detoxify, chrysanthemum tea is not suitable for long-term continuous tea.

Especially people with spleen and stomach deficiency should drink less.

If you drink too much, it can cause upset stomach and lead to acid reflux.


2. White tea White tea is relatively scarce, but it should not be drunk. It is cold and not suitable for those with cold stomach.


3. Herbal tea is now a fast-paced life. Herbal tea is a favorite of many people, because herbal tea is “cold” and not good for people with stomach problems.

Therefore, try to drink less.


4, yellow tea such as Junshan Silver Needle is also cold, and is not suitable for those with cold stomachs.

However, yellow tea is rare in the market. For example, Junshan Yinzheng has very little output and it is difficult to see.

How to raise your stomach in your daily life 1, you must remember to eat warm food. The stomach is dry and cold, and other cold foods such as mung bean paste should not be eaten.

2, talk about hygiene, pay attention to diet hygiene, wash your hands before meals; wash raw fruits and fruits to avoid pathogenic bacteria on food contamination; do not eat spoiled, moldy food, etc.

3, keep warm in cold weather, do not get cold if you have stomach problems, you must always prepare a coat, you can cover the upper part and belly to prevent cold.

In particular, people who have stomach problems should pay more attention.