[Date date for gastritis]_Gastritis

[Date date for gastritis]_Gastritis

Many people with gastritis in their lives feel that they are particularly anxious because of stomach problems. They will try some folk remedies. Many people say that jujube can treat gastritis, because jujube is a kind of warm food, but jujubeThe skin is relatively hard and difficult to digest. When eating dates, you should remove the skin of the dates, and then eat them. Can eating dates really treat gastritis?

What are the benefits of the above rule of stomach disease and how to treat it?

1. Wine and coriander cure stomach problems: Take several bottles of ordinary wine, pour the wine in an open bottle, and put the washed coriander in a ratio of 1: 1. Seal and soak for 6 days.

Take a small cup each morning, middle, and evening for 3 months.

The coriander, which has been soaked and kept green, is better for eating.

2. Honey mixed with peanut oil can treat gastric diseases: honey has anti-inflammatory, heal wounds, enhance digestive system function and nourishing effect, it can regulate metabolic function, and it can affect stomach and duodenal ulcer, gastric perforation, indigestion and chronic gastritisConsistent efficacy.

Method: Put honey 0.

Pour 5 pounds into a bowl, boil 125-150 grams of peanut oil (soya oil) in a pan until the foam disappears, then pour the oil into a bowl filled with honey, stir well, and take it 20-30 minutes before mealsOne spoonful, one in the morning and one in the evening, can be increased once at noon in severe cases.

3. For the treatment of stomach problems, use warm water to deliver the egg shell powder. Method: Take 3 eggs and wash them. After opening, leave the shells to dry at the fireside. Develop fine powders for later use. Take them orally once the disease occurs.

4, boiled radish juice can alleviate the symptoms of gastric disease method: When the stomach disease occurs, the radish can be washed and chopped, boiled in water and put a little sugar to drink while hot, can alleviate the symptoms.

5. Jujube bubble drink can effectively treat gastric disease. Wash the jujube, fry until the skin is slightly black, whichever is not burnt.

Sauté the fried jujubes, brew them with boiling water in the cup, and add three or four at a time. You can add an appropriate amount of sugar. After the color changes, you can use tea instead.

This method also has a unique effect on old stomach disease.

6, fried walnuts for a good way to cure stomach problems: take 7 walnuts, peel and chop them, stir-fry in a wok over low heat until light yellow, add 60 grams of brown sugar and fry a few times to get out of the pot, eat slowly while hotunder.

Eat once every morning on an empty stomach, and then eat and drink after half an hour.

Taking 12 consecutive days as a course of treatment, do not interrupt, adhere to take a significant effect.