[Control your diet and avoid these types of periarthritis patients]

[Control your diet and avoid these types of periarthritis patients]

Frozen shoulder is also known as Fifty Shoulders. It usually occurs in older people such as middle-aged and elderly people.

In general, patients suffer from stiff limbs, pain, restricted mobility, and are particularly sensitive to temperature.

In life, in addition to drugs to control the disease, patients can also be controlled through diet.


Don’t eat fried foods Although fried foods generally have improved taste, such foods usually contain a higher degree of mildness, which can cause shoulder joint disorders, exacerbate the condition, and aggravate the patient’s pain.

Therefore, patients should eat less fried things.


Avoid eating iron foods in foods with high iron content, which will cause the protein in the patient’s body to bind to it, causing the protein to accumulate in the joints, and the accumulation of body fluids inside the joints will cause joint swelling and lead to periarthritis.attack.

Therefore, patients should usually eat less iron-rich foods such as laver kelp, etc., should also use iron wok as little as possible.


Avoid cold food Generally people with periarthritis of the shoulder are particularly sensitive to temperature, especially the cold can easily cause the onset of symptoms.

Therefore, patients usually use less cold foods, even if they are reheated in summer, they should eat frozen foods and drinks.


Do not eat strong tea, coffee and other beverages. Strong tea, coffee and other beverages contain a large amount of tea polyphenols, caffeine and other substances, which will cause the patient’s cells to maintain a continuous active state, and eventually make the patient’s body too much and cause the onset of periarthritis.So usually sufferers drink as little tea and coffee as possible.

If you really want to drink tea, you should also reduce the amount of tea.


Avoid drinking and smoking is always necessary for patients with periarthritis or ordinary people.

Because alcohol, nicotine and other ingredients can cause the human brain to be in an excited state, the brain excitement causes the limb cells to be in active movement, leading to the accumulation of body cell fluids, leading to the onset of periarthritis.