[Children’s health porridge practice Daquan]_ children _ how to do

[Children’s health porridge practice Daquan]_ children _ how to do

Many children like to eat meat on their diets, and are unwilling to eat vegetables. They are particularly picky, which leads to unbalanced nutrient nutrition and always gets sick.

In addition to changing ways for parents to cook, they also need to learn how to combine vegetables in various types of foods to attract children ‘s attention, such as cooking vegetables and meat for porridge.

This article introduces several kinds of vegetarian porridge with balanced health porridge, moms take a look.

Chicken liver carrot porridge 1 ingredients: 2 chicken livers, 10 grams of carrots, 50 grams of rice, 4 cups of broth, seasoned with salt.

Chicken liver is very nutritious and delicious, and it is a good blood supplement.

Chicken liver is rich in iron, which is the best blood supplement food, and carrots are very important to protect eyesight and prevent eye fatigue.

2 practices: add soup to the rice, slowly boil into a porridge.

After the chicken liver and carrots are washed, steamed and mashed into mud, add to the porridge, add a small amount of salt, and cook.

Ingredients for delicious vegetarian porridge 1: Japanese tofu, carrot, white porridge in a small bowl, white radish.

Suitable for crowds: babies over 5 months.

This porridge is sticky and palatable, with the required proteins, glucose, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins C, E and other nutrients. 2 Production method: 1. Pass Japanese tofu in boiling water and cut into 8 mmXiaoding.

2. Cut carrots and radishes into thin slices and chop them if they are softened.

3. Put white porridge, grated radish and diced tofu into a bowl and stir well.

Nutritional ingredients: Japanese tofu has a smooth and tender taste and is rich in calcium. It is an ideal material for baby’s complementary food.

Yolk Yogurt 1 Ingredients: 40 grams of rice, 1 egg, 100 grams of broth, 100 grams of yogurt.

Yogurt helps digestion of the stomach and intestines, combined with eggs and broth, makes it easier for babies to absorb nutrients such as protein.

2 Method: Remove the yolk and mash it after the egg is cooked.

Wash the rice, put it in a pot, add water and set the porridge on the fire.

When it is cooked to seven, pour the mashed egg yolk and broth into the pot and cook on low heat. Stir from time to time. When it is thin, replace it and take it out to cool.

When eating, pour the yogurt into a pan and stir well.

Spinach and pumpkin millet porridge 1 ingredients: 40 grams of rice, 50 grams of pumpkin, millet amount, 2 slices of ginger.

2 method: the first step: add an appropriate amount of water and millet, rice, put a few slices of ginger in the pot.

Slow cook, occasionally stir with a spoon in the middle Step 2: Wash the pumpkin, peel it, cut into thin slices, and set aside Step 3: Cook the porridge for about 30 minutes, add the cut pumpkin.

Add water in moderation.

Step 4: Slowly cook until the pumpkin is soft and ripe.

Finally add salt to season, you can put sesame oil or soy sauce according to personal taste.